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River Bluffs Scenic Byway

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River Bluffs Scenic Byway

This 109-mile route does a "loop tour" across Fayette and Clayton Counties in northeast Iowa.  What Makes this byway special is that it passes through a truly unique region of the state that is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.  Bypassed by the last glacier thought to have scraped and smoothed much of Iowa's land, this area of the state is distinctive and diverse.  In fact, a common nickname for the area is "Little Switzerland" due to the towering bluffs, rolling valleys and green landscape that paint the countryside as far as the eye can see.

While you drive this byway, you will also see the dynamic impact of karst topography.  Described as landscape shaped by water, visible karst features along this rout e include limestone bluffs, caves, sinkholes, springs and losing (sinking) streams.  To gain a firsthand experience of this topography, plan a trip to Dutton's Cave Park or fish any of the finely stocked or native trout streams.