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1461 295th Ave, Fort Atkinson, IA 52144 | Get Directions
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I never planned to be a woodworker. I moved away from my family farm when still a boy, and started traveling as a teenager. Along the way, the trade found me. Following stints as a logger, sawyer, framer, millworker, cabinetmaker, and trim carpenter, I finally discovered chairs. My journey led me to the shop of master chairmaker Brian Boggs, with whom I worked for nearly two years studying the craft. Following my time in the south I returned to the place of my forbears to continue my life's work.

"Wood is my medium. I select logs for their quality, straightness, and lack of defects, which in other work would reveal itself as character, but in my work would be a detriment to the structural integrity of the chair. I buy logs from as close to home as possible, both to ensure quality, and reduce the impact of my work environmentally. Over time I will manage the Zbornik timber, and selectively log for chairmaking. The techniques I employ are a mix of the old and new. Both machine and hand tools are used, when appropriate. Machinery gives efficiency and accuracy, while hand tools allow more freedom for artistic expression.

I choose ladder back chairs for a variety of reasons. Their simple grace enamors me. The traditional ladder back chair is a chair reduced to its essence. There is nothing left but chair. When a chair is right, it is what it is supposed to be. Light, strong, visually pleasing, comfortable and long lasting. I believe that it is more important to do something old well, than it is to do something original.

Making something worth owning is rare today, and it is an honor to be the maker. It is my goal to make the best chair that can be made, both ergonomically and aesthetically, one that will last a lifetime and longer. I aspire to let the work evolve as it needs, to become more "right" with each passing year. I strive to create objects that are a pleasure to own, objects that ground us in our place, and appeal to our sense of what is good in this world. Working with wood harvested close to home connects me materially to the place of my forbears and carries forward the legacy of the land my family has worked for generations."      

If your looking for a Hotel near Fort Atkinson, Best Rest Inn and Suites is located about 16 miles from Fort Atkinson.